MONDAY 10 September

Introduction of craniospinal treatment at Skandionkliniken, Karin Bunte RTT Nurse *

Proton therapy for ependymoma and craniopharyngioma at the University of Florida: Lessons learned about efficacy and toxicity

Prof. Danny J Indelicato, Radiation Oncologist

Univerity of Florida, Jacsonville USA

The flow of the pediatric proton patient Ann-Christin Björklund RN *

Prepared for radiotherapy - intervention for children and youth, Gunn Engvall, RN PhD *

Charlotte Ångström-Brännström RN PhD *

Anesthesia for radiotherapy in children, Peter Frykholm MD PhD *

TUESDAY 11 September

 Clinical outcome, clinical data on

 treated patients, treatment results

 Prof. Eugen B Hug, Medical Director,           


Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Exploring the potential for clinical introduction of hippocampal - sparing intensity modulated proton therapy of peadiatric medulloblastoma

Daniel Gasic MSc, Rigshospitalet Köpenhamn

Follow-up of children treated so far at Skandionkliniken - results and side effects

Ulla Martinson, MD PhD *

Experiences from the first three years of pediatric treatments at Skandionkliniken

Petra Witt Nyström, MdPhd, Skandionkliniken and The Danish Centre for Particle Therapy

Current proton therapy practices in the Nordic countries – a plattform for scalable collaboration

Zahra Taheri Kadhoda, Akademiska Sjukhuset, Uppsala Sweden

Yassmin Lassen, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus Denmark

Petter Brandal, Oslo University Hospital, Oslo Norway


 +46 707301713


 Uppsala, Sweden

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