Welcome to Uppsala!


Uppsala is just 38 minutes from Stockholm and 18 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

We are close to all the attractions of central Sweden and home to many of them.


Extend Your stay in Uppsala while visiting the Protonchild conference


Uppsala is home to the Nordic region’s oldest university founded in 1477, but the city itself and neighbouring Gamla Uppsala dating all the way back to the Viking era. This is the perfect place to experience the genuine rustic culture of the Uppland region.

Discover and explore our city’s past-present-future – our famous late 13th century Cathedral, our university and fraternities and 16th century Uppsala Castle. If you’d like to learn more about the famous Swedish 18th century botanist, Carl Linnaeus and his work, visit the Linnaeus Garden and his estate, Linnés Hammarby.


For more information about Uppsala, please visit www.destinationuppsala.se



General elections are held every four years at national, regional and local level to the parliament and the county council and municipal council respectively.

All Swedish citizens who have ever been registered in Sweden and are over 18 years old may join the parliamentary members and alternates.

The next regular election will be held September on 9th, 2018.


Cultural Nigth Uppsala for 30 Years !

Welcome to Sweden's Largest Cultural Night, which will take place on September 8th. Experience world-class music, exciting dance performances, fun children activities and much more!

Since its inception, KulturNatten has grown and in 2017, the 175000 visitors had the opportunity to experience 600 program points organized by 204 unique organizers in 134 different locations around town.


The “Culture Night” in Uppsala is a celebration of culture, on the second Saturday every September since 1989. It is a manifestation by local cultural workers, institutions, amateurs and their organisations.

Together they invite you to an event filled with interesting exhibitions, dance shows and exciting events. From early morning to late night, you can enjoy culture at its best.

The Culture Night started with one aim: to bring out the message that culture is essential to everybody’s life, and to our city as an attractive meeting place – resources must be advocated to preserve and develop the rich cultural life of Uppsala.







It is a beautiful way to walk through town to the conference past the cathedral, the castle and the university.



From the Travel Center, bus number 11,

(the black line at the map) goes to Skandionkliniken and continues past Rudbeckssalen, where the conference will be day 1, September 10th.

It will pass close to the various hotel options as well as the venues on Nedre Slottsgatan 6, for evening activities day 1 and conference day 2, September 11th.



Uppsala TAXI +46 (0) 18 100000

TAXI Kurir +46 (0) 18 123456

5 STAR TAXI +46 (0) 18 606012

Akademiska Barn Sjukhuset

University Childrens Hospital has many different roles - county hospitals, specialty hospitals, teaching hospitals and research hospitals. In everyday life float the different roles together. That creates the prerequisite for, and explains, the experience, expertise and care available here.


University Hospital's mission

University Hospital provides specialized and highly specialized care locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Together with our cooperation partners we follow the patient along the entire continuum of care outside our hospital. We are the leading university hospital in Sweden with focus on best clinical outcome for the patient. Quality of health care, our close collaboration with Uppsala University and our strong life sciences cluster is the basis of our international competitive clinical research and education.


Skandionkliniken - Skandion Clinic

A National project

The Skandion Clinic is a national project, established in collaboration between the seven Swedish County Councils with University hospitals.

In 2006, the County Councils formed the Joint Authority of County Councils for Advanced Radiotherapy. The Joint Authority has the duty to build and operate the clinic, create conditions for optimal treatment and develop and evaluate the clinical activities.

The Skandion Clinic is Scandinavia’s first clinic for proton therapy. Proton therapy makes it possible to treat cancer more effectively and more gently than with traditional radiation.

A visit to Skandion clinic will be offered to the participants at Protonchild conference on September 10th.


The Rudbeck Laboratory, The funcion is mainly medical research in Uppsala University and clinical pathology witin the Academic Hospital.

The main idea for planning the Rudbeck Laboratory was to create a new type of interdisciplinary research environment within the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University in order to develop new and more effective methods for molecular diagnostics and new therapies.

The Protonchild conference will be hosted here on September 10th.


The Rudbeck Laboratory has its name from Olof Rudbeck. He is one of Uppsala University's most significant personalities through the centuries. The young Rudbeck did what was termed "the first scientific discovery made by any Swedish". It was about lymphatic and its pathways in the human body.

In 1660 he received one professorship at the Faculty of Medicine. He held office until 1692, when he was succeeded by his son Olof Rudbeck d.y.

In the early 1660s, as an expression of his medical ambitions, he made Theatrum anatomy for dissection of the human body. One might imagine what a bold grip this was, namely to build something big on top of the university house itself, ie. Gustavianum.









Rudbeck has also become most famous for his book Atlantica, a very patriotic ancient history, which today is most regarded as learned fantasies. He also set up a botanical garden (current Linnaeus Garden), arranged boat connections to Stockholm, bridges and water pipes, etc. He was also a composer and had an amazing voice of voice, which he sometimes sounded in the cathedral.


Ingmar Bergman

The year 2018 marks 100 years since the birth of Ingmar Bergman: world-famous filmmaker, legendary theatre director and exceptional writer.

Ingmar Bergman-born on the 14th of July, 1918 in Uppsala, died 30t hof July, 2007 was a Swedish film and theatre director, scriptwriter, theatre manager, dramatist and author. Bergman made over 60 films and more than 170 theatrical productions, and authored over a hundred books and articles. Among his most famous works are the films The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, and Persona, as well as his written autobiography The Magic Lantern.

The Jubilee, will take place over the entire world, with theatrical performances, exhibitions, film, retrospectives, book releases, documentaries and festivals.







Slottsbiografen in Uppsala, is one of Sweden's oldest preserved cinemas. The cinema opened on October 26, 1914.

It was here that Ingmar Bergman's grandmother, who lived one block from the cinema, brought the young Ingmar to matine. And this was where he first climbed up in the engine room and saw the projectors who created magic on the white screen.

The Protonchild conference will be hosted here on September 11th.

UPSALA HANTVERKSFÖRENING has 160 years of history. All the city's artisans had since the Middle Ages been organized in different guilds that regulated conditions within the different occupations. The right to professional crafts had only professional Masters. The career always began with an apprenticeship time without pay, when he lived with the master. After hard years, an apprentice could finish a professional test and acquire the Master's letter.

The organizational forms were dissolved when a decree in 1846 proclaimed that the guilds ceased. This was the end of a nearly hundred years long battle between the guilds enemy and its defenders. In 1847, Upsala Fabriks- Hantverksförening was formed, as today those who share the Master letters. In 1915, they moved into existing premises. 1943 decides that even female professionals would have the right to become members of the association and in the same year a Master's letter was handed to a Female Master.

The Protonchild conference will eat dinner here on the 10th and lunch on 11th September.


Sven Dufva appears in the poem "Fänrik Stål's Sayings" by Johan Ludvig Runeberg in 1848, which deals with the war when Sweden lost Finland to Russia 1809.


Sven Dufva was heavily built, no major talent with a single wish to become a soldier. At the exercise, most things went wrong and he did every other thing on each order. When the war broke out, Sven had to follow the troupe with the council to stay in the troop. During the army's retreat, Svens group ordered to stop a Russian pluton by a bridge.

The superiority was too large. It was blown to retreat, but Sven did as usual the opposit and struggled alone until help come with General Sandels, but then Sven Duva had already fallen.


The legends give a picture of a brave and boldly fighting people who would have been victorious from the battle unless a few incompetent were entrusted to lead the defense. The war ended with defeat, but the resistance still got its significance. The Russian Tsar, who initially intended to incorporate Finland with Russia, changed and allowed Swedish social order and rule of law to remain in the country. It took another 108 years before Finland finally became an independent state.

The restaurant Sven Dufva has a better reputation than its name and will serve the lunch on September 10th.





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